Concrete Jungle will be Blake’s sophomore release and follow up to Remembering The Future released in 2020.

What is the story line of Concrete Jungle according to Blake?
I make music that comes from inside me and from without. Sometimes it is from imagination but more often than not it is from experience and reality. I try to make a point with a lot of what I write, from songs about social issues to songs about life itself. My life, you’re life, everyone’s life. Songs that have substance, something everyone can relate to.
The songs on this album are written about our current times and current moods. Some songs try to open the eyes of others to see the world around them, some songs show everyone a little glimpse of what is inside of me. For example, Love Amplified is a song referencing the current state of society and how we are manipulated every day by those in power and the media they control and how we need to rearrange all that and take the control back as a people. The song Broken Dreams on the other hand is a story about someone in my life who did just that broke my dream.

About Blake, many of you may know him but for those who don’t, Blake aka, Blake Carpenter has been making music of some sort for almost 40 years. Blake is a full-time musician but no, he’s not famous, nor rich. Blake is here to ask for your help in producing some physical versions of his next release, Concrete Jungle. Specifically, Cassettes and CD’s but would also he would love to fulfill his lifelong dream to release his work on vinyl as well.

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