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About Joe Macre:

Joe is known as the bassist for the progressive rock band “Crack The Sky” best known for achieving debut album of the year and top 50 Albums of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. Joe was a member of Crack The Sky from 1975–1980 and 2004 -2009. He produced The Sale, Machine, Alive and Kickin and the 5.1 DVD All Access. Joe also worked with The B. E. Taylor Group, Wild Cherry (live), King Friday, and the KINGS’s. Joe is not just a world-class bassist, producer, engineer, and founder of Cuppa Joe Music, which produces various artists, and compose’s custom scores and sound design for film and TV.

After relocating to New York, Joe became an engineer and studio musician and performed with artists such as Jim Croce, David Sanborn, The Brecker Brothers, Marie Osmond, Keith Green, Clint Brown, and others. As Joe’s career expanded into television, he began scoring and engineering for national clients Pepsi, Burger King, McDonald’s, Ford, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Bud Light, Corona Extra, ADR Director/Engineer for  Walker Texas Ranger. Sr. Engineer/Sound Designer at Post Op-Editorial in Dallas Texas, Joe is one of the country’s most sought-after mixing engineers. Award-winning credits in films include Monster in Law (Jane Fonda/JaLo), House of D (Robin Williams) and Fire Down Below (Steven Segal). 

His “Cuppa Joe Music” Library and Sound Design are chosen for many national spots, including the award-winning Super Bowl Tabasco’s “Mosquito”, Corona’s “Ship in a Bottle”, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Ford, Dorritos, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Corona, Hyundai, Oprah Winfrey and more.

Joe has served as an Instructor of Post Production Audio and Music Producing/Composing at Mediatech Institute in Dallas Texas. He also served in the capacity of Director of Career Services, placing students in full-time audio positions. He exceeded government and state placement quotas of 70% in each graduating class. He was recently into the board of directors for SPARS (Society of Professional Audio Recording Services) with Leslie Ann Jones, Audio Director at Skywalker Sound, Kevin Mills at Larrabee West Studios, Tim Butler at Chicago Recording (CRC), Jeff Greenberg at The Village Recorder and Steve Davis at Crawford Communications Atlanta. Joe is an active member of AES and the American Federation of Musicians.

2016 Joe started work on his latest project Joe Mac’s American Garage with a debut album to be released in 2020 with a cast of up and coming musicians and superstars including Grammy Award Artist Erykah Badu, Madukwu Chinwah, Andy Timmons, Oliver Wakeman (Yes), Pete Hewllett (Billy Joel), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Shelly Yakus (Stevie Nick’s, Tom Petty), Steve Major (King Friday), Victor Tasson (Unified Past), David Kowalski, John Palumbo (Crack The Sky), Phil Naro (DDrive), Robert Schindler (Johnny Nash), Scott Osterlo, Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Trai’D & Tom Braxton.  

According to Joe. American Garage represents the ideology that bands and music are born in a garage. You never know who will show up in the garage but you can bet it will be a wild ride!

PSR Releases

Joe Mac’s American Garage – Bullet Train (TBA) LP, CD, Digital
Joe Mac’s American Garage – Slo Ryder (2020) Digital Single

MRR Releases

86 Bullets – 86 Bullets (2020) CD & Digital
86 Bullets – Animals & Angels (2018) CD & Digital
Joe Mac’s American Garage – Let It Go Single w/Pick Up The Pieces (2017) Digital Single
Joe Mac’s American Garage – Scream (2017) Digital Single
KING’s – Hot Razors In My Heart (2015) Digital Single
KING’s – KING’s – EP (2014) CD & Digital
King Friday – Let The Song Begin EP (2012) Digital

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Other Releases

Crack the Sky – Living In Reverse (2018)
Crack the Sky – The Machine (2010)
Crack the Sky – All Access DVD (2009)
Crack the Sky – The Sale – (2007)
Crack the Sky – Alive and Kickin’ Ass – (2005)
Crack the Sky – Alive and Kickin – (2005)
The Precious Brothers – The Precious Brothers ‎(2005)
Crack the Sky –Dogs From Japan (2004)
B.E. Taylor Group – Love Won The Fight (1983)
B.E. Taylor Group – Intermission – (1982)
Crack the Sky – Classic Crack – (1980) 
Crack the Sky – Live Sky – (1978)
Crack the Sky – Safety in Numbers – (1978)
Crack the Sky – Live on WBAB – (1976)
Crack the Sky – Animal Notes – (1976)
Crack the Sky – Crack the Sky – (1975)


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30th July 2019