Allison VonBuelow

The Voice, Multi-instrumentalist, and Founding Member of Scarlet Hollow

I have been playing around the Los Angeles area for years, by myself as an acoustic artist, and with various bands that are Rock, Jazz Rock, or Progressive rock in orientation.

My influences are mostly songwriters like David Crosby, Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett, Shawn Colvin, and Joni Mitchell.

Other Influences would be from the harder, more progressive side of the rock world that would include bands like Heart, Tool or Porcupine Tree.

I’m also very much inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Mingus……. Artists that write to move their audiences to think, and feel deeply. I love musicians that write songs that are free to be expanded to express larger concepts and unique arrangements.

I am embarking on a four record project now that will include a lifetime of musical exploration. Bands from my past like Avenue B, The Mainland Dancer Band, and Triptique were a musical education that have lead me towards more current projects like my own acoustic work, and band projects like Echoes Landing and Scarlet Hollow.

Band Members

Allison VonBuelow: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths

Discography – Projects & Releases

Allison VonBuelow – Debut Album – Never Look Away (2019) CD & Digital

Scarlet Hollow – A Window to October (2019) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – I Am Divided (2017) FREE Digital Single 
Scarlet Hollow – What If Never Was (2012) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – Sanctuary – Remaster(2010) Digital EP

Echoes Landing – Closer to You (2006) CD & Digital

Mark Bryson – Riot on Sunset – (2018) CD & Digital Album

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30th July 2019