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Music Catagory: Country & Americana Roots

Album of the Year: Sun King Rising – Signs & Wonder

Best Americana Roots Song; No. 6 Magnolia Ave

No. 6 Magnolia Ave Film by Dante Ludovici 

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Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: Steve “Ace” Acker for No. 6 Magnolia Ave by Sun King Rising

John Blangero - Piano Vocals

John Blangero – Piano Vocals

John Blangero – Piano, Keys, Lead Vocals, Orchestral Arrangements
George Perilli – Drums on all tracks except 4 and 10
Roger Humphreys – Drums 4
George Elliott – Bass Guitar on all tracks
Willie Ross – Guitar 1 2,3 4.5,8
Steve Schuffert – Guitar 6,7 8 9
Ace Acker – Acoustic Guitar 3
Fred Delu – Electric Piano 4

Background Vocal Arrangements by
Stevee Wellons and Ace Acker
Background Singers:
Stevee Wellons – All tracks but 10
Joy Brown – 1,3,4,5,7,8,
Bernice Wilkerson – 1,3,4,5,7,8
Pete Hewlett – 6,9
Ace – 2,6,9
Raloh Guzzi – Horn Arrangements
Ralph Guzzi, Eric Defade, Kevin McManus – Horn Section
Kennv Blake – Saxophone 4

Engineered by David Granati
Recorded at Maplewood Studio, Ambridge, PA
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Foraker
Produced by Ace Acker
Art Direction & Design = Clint English

Signs & Wonder is the second critically acclaimed album by Sun King Rising, the album features a collection of ten Sun King Rising southern noir stories set to music, with a cast of colorful characters, intrigue, tales of sin and redemption, murder without justice, and love without limits.

“Signs & Wonders” is a satisfyingly psyche-cleansing experience.
Dmitry M. Epstein – DMME

He doesn’t need the approval of the establishment to be a star; honestly, he just needs to keep making music like this.
Mark Druery – Indie Shark

“Signs & Wonders” is not just about the music; it’s about the experience – the experience of being taken on a musical journey, of feeling the raw emotions, of witnessing the genius of a true artist. It’s about the journey from the first note to the last, and everything in between.
Michael Stover – Music Crowns

We recommend listening through the album from start to finish to get the perfect experience but don’t worry, it’ll be the best 42 minutes you’ll ever spend. 
Board City

There is greatness within, and anyone who enjoys Americana-style rock cannot afford to miss out on what is a true classic of the genre. Accessible from the very first note, it repays repeated plays as there is just so much breadth and depth within. Music rarely gets better than this. 
Kev Rowland – ReZonatZ

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