PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) is thrilled to welcome Sheverb, a four-piece psychedelic instrumental outfit to its family of artists for their upcoming release. Sheverb’s music transports us to another time and place when surf music and spaghetti westerns ruled the airwaves. It reminds us of Tarantino soundtracks, drawing their influences from such greats as the legendary Dick Dale and The Ventures.

About Sheverb
Born on a high desert wind, Sheverb is an all-Ladies, collectively run, psychedelic desert rock band based in Austin, TX. Armed with their instruments, the Ladies of Reverb are out to challenge our understanding of the romanticized old west, a masculine mythology permeating our contemporary society. The core of this group consists of a collective of femmes who converged in July 2017. The band brings together the guitar twang of spaghetti westerns, the driving rhythms of krautrock and the confident swagger of blues. In the past year, Sheverb has crowdfunded their first album, Chapter One finished two successful tours of the Southwest and created a “smoldering sound [that] matches Texas heat in a big way” (The Austinot).

Band Members
Betty Benedeadly – Guitar
Fernande Rojas – Guitar
Lainey Smith – Bass
Xina Ocasio – Drums

Band Statment
Sheverb is pleased to be signing with Nick Katona and PeacockSunrise Records to release our first vinyl. Since the release of our debut album, Chapter One, Nick has been a guiding voice on our journey. We are grateful for the support from MRR Music Group and look forward to our future together.

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Betty Benedeadly & Xina Ocasio
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Label Contact
Nick Katona
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