Shiny Side Up

CD: $12 Digital: $10

May appeal to fans of The Nomads, Link Wray, The Merman, Earthless, The Nomads, Heard of Instinct, and even Djam Karet


All music composed and produced by Gayle Ellett
Recorded in Topanga, California, and Arlington, Texas
Album Cover image for the CD “Shiny Side Up” by Matt Mahurin

The band gets its name from the electromagnetic pickups that are present on all electric guitars. These electromags capture the guitar’s sound and transmit it down a wire to the amplifier. Unique to electric guitars, they are not found on other instruments.

The album’s title “Shiny Side Up” is from the common saying among motorcyclists “Keep the shiny side up!” which means “Have fun riding and don’t crash!”

Master musician Mike Keneally (who has toured the world with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani) said of this music “Once again, what a journey! Gorgeous playing and it takes me to places I didn’t expect at the top of the song – appreciate your willingness to wantonly change tempo as you see fit super fun! Yeah, Gayle!”