BLAKE Releases “Beyond The Mask” Single and Video

Beyond The Mask, is the first single from the 2021 album Concrete Jungle by BLAKE. Watch Beyond The Mask Here

About Beyond The Mask
“It is a new era we are living in! All the sci-fi movies of the past are joining together to make their fantasy a reality for us all. From epic disasters and killer disease to crazed leaders and mass unrest we are all stuck in a scene we cannot control. Or can we? The album Concrete Jungle, to be released early in 2021 by Blake has some music for thought. A synth dream with a touch of nostalgia. Here is a little teaser for a track to be released as a single from that album on Halloween 2020 (October 31st). Beyond The Mask takes a look at the current virus situation and asks why, we as a people cannot just come together as a community to beat this. How many have to die before EVERYONE understands?”

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Elfin Bow Return To Pick n’ Mix Online Artist Showcase

Dear Folksters (and other musical/arts denominations),

We’d be delighted if you’d join us for our 13th relaxed, friendly Pick n’ Mix Online Artist Showcase tomorrow (Sunday, November 1st), 7-9pm UK (2-4pm US ET/4-6am AUS ET), live on our Online Social Club group page:

There will be exciting live sets, as follows:
7pm UK – Skinner & T’witch (2pm US ET/4am AUS ET)
7.15pm UK – The Ciderhouse Rebellion (2.15pm US ET/4.15am AUS ET)
7.45pm UK – Jez Lowe (2.45pm US ET/4.45am AUS ET)
8.15pm UK – Elfin Bow (3.15pm US ET/5.15am AUD ET)
8.45pm UK – Skinner & T’witch (3.45pm US ET/5.45am AUS ET)

We’re fundraising for Foodbanks (see below for further details), so please spare anything you can via:…/skinnerandtwitch…

We’re in the grip of an international emergency and all of our lives have changed. We’re facing new challenges, and restrictions, and it can get tough for us all at times, in different ways. With increased financial insecurity for many, many more people right now will be finding themselves in food poverty, and will be turning to the Foodbanks to help get them through this most difficult of times.

Please donate whatever and whenever you can. Every little helps. Every £1 matters. We’ve currently raised £2,930! Thank you so much for your support with this, and to all of you who have donated, so far. We truly appreciate it! See you there, and then..! NB Please bear with us if we have some technical hitches. We’ll get there! ❤️?

Steve Skinner & Sandra TwitchettSkinner & T’witchWebsite:

If you’d like to play at a future Pick n’ Mix Online Singaround then please let T’witch know via email [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger and she’ll confirm your slot/note your attendance and let you have further details. There should be enough time for two or three songs each, depending on how much you chat.

The Pick n’ Mix ethos means that any genre of music will be welcomed, as will non-musical genres such as dance, poetry, comedy etc..

Skinner & T’witch have set up this Pick n’ Mix Online Social Club on Facebook, as a place for other artists and ourselves to share our music and find a new audience; for viewers to find entertainment and hopefully feel less isolated; and as a place to raise money for the Foodbanks.

In addition to the marvellous home videos that artists post on the Online Social Club page, we (Skinner & T’witch) host events, generally on Sunday nights (or at alternative times, if we are including international artists from further afield that week) from 7-9pm UK (2-4pm US ET/Mondays 5-7am AUS ET). This includes singarounds and artist showcases (in rotation), and live sessions from Skinner & T’witch.

Stay safe, folks! Together, we’re getting through this!!

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Elfin Bow Shares Let it in… A Song of Thanks


How are you?
In this crazy, topsy-turvy world, we all need a moment of calm and serenity, to be thankful for what we have and to be uplifted and inspired to keep going.

As you know, I live in wales, UK, and we are just entering another Covid 19 lockdown. So many of my friends have been having a difficult time with their mental health. I have had some bumpy times recently too.

Feeling the urge to share my gifts of music and song, I created this meditative song of gratitude and an accompanying video.

Whatever your faith, religion or beliefs, please feel free to take a moment, relax, close your eyes, and breathe.
You can choose what you ‘let in’.

It may be love, thankfulness, God, Spirit, Source, trust, healing…… whatever you need in your life right now.
Please let me know if this helps you in any way. I would love to make more meditative music to raise the positive vibrations around the world and I’m sharing it with you first, because I value your opinion. And feel free to share with anyone who may need a little serenity at this time.

The youtube link for sharing

Love and respect always,
Elfin xxx

Join us here.

Let it In
by Elfin Bow

Sunrise, sunrise
Fills the sky with light, with light
Thank you, Thank you

River, River
Water flows, no end, no end
Thank you, thank you

Forest, forest
Roots reach down, stand strong, stand strong
Thank you, thank you

Moonlight, moonlight
Brings us home, to here, to here
Thank you, Thank you

Can you hear it? Can you feel it?
Can you taste it? Can you touch it?
Do you know it? Do you hold it?
Do you ket it in, let it in?
Thank you, Thank you

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Sun King Rising’s Debut Album “Delta Tales” Now Available Worldwide.

PeacockSunrise Records is thrilled to announce that Sun King Rising‘s debut album, Delta Tales is now available worldwide as well as the Sun King Rising Bandcamp store, Delta Tales is available in three formats; CD, and digital with vinyl to follow later this year.

Sun King Rising is the professional moniker of singer/songwriter/piano player John Blangero who hails from Port Isabel, TexasThe album is produced by New York-based producer, Steven “Ace” Acker.

Blangero is steeped in the traditions of southern rock and country soul. His music, arrangements, and vocal stylings have a strong’70s vibe reminiscent of Leon Russell and Joe Cocker, while also sounding fresh and new.

Blangero’s songs are filled with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, a powerful horn section, and soulful female background singers a la’ Ray Charles’ Raelettes.

“I’ve been wanting to do a solo Americana/southern soul/classic rock type of album for many years,” Blangero said. “I wanted to capture some of that classic rock and soul vibe in my own songs. So, I started writing and recording solo demos of songs like Let There Be Light, Down the Delta Road, Drive Me to Nashville, In A State of Grace, and Love Turns Grey

The recording of Delta Tales was a fascinating task, spanning four months, from January 2020 to mid-May. The Coronavirus shutdown in April forced Blangero and Acker to complete the production remotely with players and singers dubbing their parts over the basic tracks in several different studios across the country.

Said Blangero, “It was a logistical challenge, but Ace did a great job organizing the players and the sessions. I am proud of this record. We captured the magic that I’ve always heard in my head with great background singers, classic horn parts, tight rhythm sections, killer guitar, funky keys, and my own acoustic piano parts. It sounds like it could have been recorded in the early 70swhich is the vibe I was going for.”

In closing, Blangero said, “I tried to capture my southern soul on this album. I hope that the overall message it conveys is one of positivity, especially in these dark times. I think we have put together strong songs that will make people tap their feet and sing along, too! For me, the song is everything.”

What the Critics Are Saying

A stellar debut from Sun King Rising that finds this exceptional unit shining on 10 delicious tracks. The tasty gumbo cooked up on Delta Tales contains chief ingredients of blues, country, and classic rock spiced up with horns and a hint of prog.
Richard Lynch – Music City Nashville

“A stellar debut from Sun King Rising. The tasty gumbo cooked up on Delta Tales contains chief ingredients of blues, country and classic rock spiced up with horns and a hint of prog.” 
Richard Lynch –

“He has that untamed quality in his voice that enables him to trek different soundscapes.” “These performances radiate confidence and adept songcraft.”
Daniel Pavlica – The Rocktoligist

“This is a thoroughly enjoyable album, full of memories and great songs, in the tradition of The Band and so many others. Classic rock and soul steeped in Americana, with great songs and vocals, this album is a sheer delight from the first strike of the snare drum to the organ fade out.” 
Kev Rowland – ReZonatZ

“This is a stomper and a raver that’s sure to take you back even if you weren’t there in the first place. Hot stuff.”
Midwest Records Entertainment

“Ten Americana and Southern Rock songs on which we also hear elements of country, soul, and blues.” “There are some great modern songs such as the rocking Milkweed And Thistle, the ballads Down The Delta Road, In A State Of Grace, and Drive Me To Nashville and the up- tempo song Love Turns Gray with a sublime horn section”
Valsam – RootsTime

“Profoundly resonating storytelling.”
“A complex, yet ultimately rewarding production.” “Showcase Blangero’s emotionally atmospheric vocals”.Russell Trunk’s Exclusive Magazine

“From the South with love and gospel: newly prominent proponent of Americanproclaims his appearance on the scene. Lures the listener in for a soulful refreshment…John’s honeyed pipes make the low tones of Evangeline in the Morning sound hymnal”
Dmitry M. Epstein – DMME

CD TrackListing

The Snake Milkweed And Thistle 
Down The Delta Road 
In A State Of Grace Take It Down
Beneath The Southern Sun 
Evangeline In The Morning 
Love Turns Grey 
Drive Me To Nashville 
Let There Be Light 
Free Will In China Blue -Digital-Only Bonus Track

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LP TrackListing

Side 1
The Snake 
Milkweed And Thistle 
Free Will In China Blue
In A State Of Grace 
Take It Down 

Side 2
Beneath The Southern Sun 
Evangeline In The Morning
Love Turns Grey 
Drive Me To Nashville 
Let There Be Light 
Down The Delta Road – Digital-Only Bonus Track


Watch the First Official Video from Delta Tales Here.

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