Slo Rider will be released as a limited edition CD Single soon with Bring on the Night as the B-side, both tracks are radio edits from the upcoming Debut album Bullet Train which is due out later this year.

Slo Ryde Performed by
Chris Elliott Lead guitar
Al Macre Harp & keys
Joe Macre Lead vocal, Bass/Drums, guitars, and additional keyboards. Vince Guarnere Backing Vocals

Bring on the Night Performed by
Vince Guarnere Lead and backing vocals.
Chris Elliott Lead and rhythm guitars
Al Macre Hammond B3, Harmonica.
Jerry Oxendine Drums.
Joe Macre Bass.
(Note: Jeff Adams and Rick Witkowski’s solos not included in this single).

Both Tracks Written, arranged, recorded, and produced by
Joe Macre at Garage Studios. Part of Chris Elliott’s guitar was recorded at Studio E, Westminster, Md.
Joe would like to Thank Eric Dee at Studio E Westminster, Maryland.
Art Direction Nick Katona at Revolution Studios Florida

Who is Joe Mac”s American Garage?
Joe is known as the bassist for the progressive rock band “Crack The Sky” best known for achieving debut album of the year in Rolling Stone Magazine. Joe was a member of Crack The Sky from 1975–1980. Joe has also worked with The B. E. Taylor GroupWild Cherry, King Friday, and the KINGS’s. Joe is not just a world-class bassist, producer, engineer, and founder of Cuppa Joe Music, which produces various artists, and compose’s custom scores and sound design for film and TV.

After relocating to New York, Joe became an engineer and studio musician and performed with artists such as Jim Croce, David Sanborn, The Brecker Brothers, Marie Osmond, Keith Green, Clint Brown, and others. As Joe’s career expanded into television, he began scoring and engineering for national clients Pepsi, Burger King, McDonald’s, Ford, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Bud Light, Corona Extra, ADR Director/Engineer for  Walker Texas RangerSr. Engineer/Sound Designer at Post Op-Editorial in Dallas Texas, Joe is one of the country’s most sought-after mixing engineers. Award-winning credits in films include Monster in Law, House of D, and Fire Down Below. His “Cuppa Joe Music” Library and Sound Design are chosen for many national spots, including the award-winning Super Bowl Tabasco’s “Mosquito”, Corona’s “Ship in a Bottle”, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Ford, McDonald’s, Corona, Hyundai, and Oprah Winfrey.

Joe has served as an Instructor of Post Production Audio and Music Producing/Composing at Mediatech Institute in Dallas Texas. He also served in the capacity of Director of Career Services, placing students in full-time audio positions. He exceeded government and state placement quotas of 70% in each graduating class. He was recently inducted into the board of directors for SPARS (Society of Professional Audio Recording Services) with Leslie Ann JonesAudio Director at Skywalker Sound, Kevin Mills at Larrabee West Studios, Tim Butler at Chicago Recording (CRC), Jeff Greenberg at The Village Recorder and Steve Davis at Crawford Communications Atlanta. Joe is an active member of AES and the American Federation of Musicians.

2016 Joe started work on his latest project Joe Mac’s American Garage with a debut album to be released in 2020 with a cast of up and coming musicians and superstars including Grammy Award Artist Madukwu Chinwah, Steve Major (King Friday), Victor Tasson (Unified Past), David Kowalski, John Palumbo (Crack The Sky), Phil Naro (DDrive), Vinni de Paul (Crack The Sky), Robert Schindler (Johnny Nash), Scott Osterloh, Pete Hewllett (Billy Joel), Cory Holland (KING’s), Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Trai’D & Tom Braxton.

According to Joe. American Garage represents the ideology that bands and music are born in a garage.

Joe Mac’s American Garage Online


Sheverb just dropped a short documentary episode about our trip to Bombay Beach. In the background you can hear one of the tunes off the new album, it is called Burn the Breeze

This past February, Sheverb set out to do something extraordinary. For one month, the tribe dropped out of the daily grind in Austin, TX to live together in a semi-abandoned seaside resort town in the Southern California desert and embark on an immersive song-writing adventure. What resulted is a full-length, location-inspired concept album with elements of surf, psych, and desert rock, to name a few. Our journey to Bombay Beach was a cooperative music-making experiment that blurred the boundaries of life, art, and dreams, and we’re ready to share this story with you.

ALBUM UPDATE: The tracking is complete. The mixing is underway, and we’re currently raising funds to complete post-production costs. If you’re interested in supporting this project, contact [email protected] or venmo @sheverb.

*Special thanks to the Bombay Beach Arts & Culture Center’s Artist Residency Program for helping us bring this dream to life.

*** Sheverb is a womxn-led, collectively run, psychedelic rock & roll band based in Austin, TX. Armed with their instruments, this tribe is out to challenge our understanding of the romanticized Wild West with their desert-fueled, surf-infused sound. The core of this collective consists of a Betty Benedeadly, Xina Ocasio, Lainey Smith, James Mescall, and Braden Guess, who bring together the guitar twang of spaghetti westerns, the driving rhythms of krautrock and the panoramic aesthetic of the big screen.


Putamulletonit b​/​w Nowhere Wolf (2019) 7″ Single – PeacockSunrise Records
Chapter One (2018) CD & Digital – Independent Release

Media & Booking
Betty Benedeadly & Xina Ocasio
Email: [email protected]

Label Contact: 
Nick Katona Email:
[email protected]

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Blake releases 2nd single “Color Blind” Official Video premieres Exclusively with Power of Prog

Color Blind is the 2nd single to be released from Blake’s upcoming debut release.

About I Color Blind
I wrote this song in either 1989 or ’90. It was originally written on guitar with a real jazzy feel. It was a reflection of what I saw around me at the time and all the news from around the world about race and sexual orientation issues. I wrote it to try and open the eyes of those who do the bashing, to open the eyes of all races and creeds as it is not just one race or gender that causes cultural clashing. I speak from experience but if you want to know more about that then you better get to know me first!

Watch Video on Power of Prog

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Elfin Bow – A little burst of color, love and 50 years of happiness!

What can you give someone who has everything?

And by ‘everything,’ I don’t mean material possessions, money or a big house.

My parents, David and Judith, celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary today. Fifty years of sticking together through thick and thin, through good times and bad. And they have everything that I consider to be the important stuff; huge hearts, gratitude, humbleness, a giving attitude, unconditional love for their family and friends and the wisdom to work through whatever life throws at them. 

Holed up at home for the foreseeable future, we can’t celebrate this important milestone in the way we intended. But last autumn, we made a music video together. Unusual, I know! I don’t know many musicians who have done this but my song, Take me out in Your Old Bread Van, was written about their relationship. 

When they were courting, many moons ago, my dad used to take my mum out in his old bread van, with a rocking chair for a passenger seat. It must have been a rocky ride for sure – but he knew how to show her a good time. 

They also got married on April Fool’s day – before Midday. I love their complete lack of superstition. And it was certainly no prank as here we are, 50 years later, celebrating their love with a burst of color, love and lots of happiness. 

I invite you to join with me today, in celebrating not only their lasting love but the love we can share with everyone who is precious to us at this time. 

Who is special in your life? Write back and tell me something you love about them. Let’s fill our thoughts, conversations, and actions with L O V E today!

Much love and respect always, 
Elfin Bow xx

Watch the “Take Me Out In Your Old Bread Van” Video

Rainbows & Gallows EP available on Bandcamp

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Melodic Revolution Records 
Nick Katona 

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