Love is in the air… and I’m launching something brand new!

Happy Valentine’s day, dear heart! 

You are loved just for being here on this planet, but especially in this space that I share with you. Thank you for being right here and reading this today.

The launch of my live album went spectacularly well, with all the clear lathe-cut vinyls selling out in the first hour and then the black vinyls. By the end of the first day, there were only 12 CD’s left. If you haven’t bagged your copy, you might still be lucky if you click HERE.

I told you this year was going to be a busy one… and it is!

Today, I am very excited to share with you a very special space I have been crafting on Patreon. It’s the new frontier of crowdfunding, the future of sustainable creativity and a way to give back to regular fans in a most meaningful way. 

As a reward for just visiting my site, to see how it works and what is on offer, I have shared a link over there to a never-yet-seen-or-heard new song and video. Well, you might have heard me play it live a couple of times, but this is an amazing collaboration and one of my first forays in making a music video.
Watch it here

This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter in my career. And I invite you to be a part of it. 

Be my valentine… and I’ll be yours….

Much love and respect always, 
Elfin Bow xx

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We are Thrilled that “Free Will in China Blue” by Sun King Rising Premiered Exclusively on ReZonatZ Today!

Single Artwork

The song is the first single from Sun King Rising’s debut album, “Delta Tales.” Written John Blangero (aka Sun King Rising), as a bonus track, it quickly became a fan favorite around the world. While CD buyers will receive an HQ download of the song, it will appear on the vinyl version, now in production.

The video was produced and directed by Hilton Head, SC filmmakers, Cyndee Kaule and Eddie Anthony, the video is an artful, allegorical depiction of the song’s story.

“We tried to capture the emotional essence of this heartfelt song,” said Kaule.

Kaule brought Anthony a well-established director to create and collaborate on the project. The result is a sexy fable and a visual feast. “Not only does Eddie direct,” Kaule explained, “he also plays the singer/composer in the film.”Anthony said, “To play an incredible artist like John Blangero is an honor and privilege.” The shoot became a family affair, with Kaule playing “China Blue,” and Anthony’s daughter, Hadley Galaviz, serving as cinematographer.

Click on image to watch

FREE WILL IN CHINA BLUE (Digital Only Bonus Track) 
(John Blangero/Reborn Pelican Songs/BMI) 

John Blangero—Lead vocal/Piano/Organ 
George Perilli—Drums 
Joe Macre—Bass 
Willie Ross and 
Ace Acker—Guitars 
Stephanie Wellons & Joy Brown—Background vocals 
Terminus Horns: Horn Section 

Bonus track from the exciting new PeacockSunrise Records release, Delta Tales by Sun King Rising 
Release Date: 10.2.20 Format: LP, CD, and high-quality digital formats 

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