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Sun King Rising Releases 3rd Single From Signs & Wonders

Sun King Rising releases “One More Story To Tell” a song about a musician who exploits the power of his words and music for what some may consider less-than-honorable motives.

Sun King Rising is a solo project by singer-songwriter John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas. Steeped in the tradition of southern rock, country, and soul…

One More Story To Tel Lyrics

The scent of a secret is floating on the wind
The lost cause of a last set is how this song begins
Silken words and white lies roll off my tongue tonight
One more story to tell beneath the lights

The hearts of some women may take a chorus to hook
Painted ladies and paladins reside in my songbook
Trespass and sweet thrills obscure the subplot line
One more story to tell, one more song to shine
One more story to tell until you’re mine

The drummer mentioned that you were sweet on me
My laughing gulls in bolo ties made you smile I see
One more story to tell, one more song to shine
One more story to tell and then you’re mine

This country Byron lights a fire in your eyes
I can twang humbly when necessities arise
Metaphor and rhythm make you fair weak in the knees
Promises and miracles and mudflat symphonies
Parallels and pauses and sweet magnolia trees

One more story to tell, one more hook to set
One more story to tell, a verse you won’t forget
One more story to tell, one more song to shine
One more story to tell and then you’re mine

One More Story to Tell Sessions
John Blangero: piano, vocals
Steve Schuffert: guitars
George Elliott: bass guitar
George Perilli: drums
Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, Bernice Wilkerson: backing vocals

Music and Lyrics John Blangero
©2021 John Blangero / Reborn Pelican Songs (BMI)

Additional Credit:
Engineered by David Granati
Recorded at Maplewood Studio, Ambridge, PA
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Foraker
Produced by Ace Acker
Photo ©2020 Alexa Ocean Ray 
Art Direction 2023 Nick Katona 
Label: PeacockSunrise Records

“One More Story”
©2021 John Blangero / Reborn Pelican Songs (BMI)

From the highly acclaimed album Signs & Wonders
Released on October 1, 2022

About the album.
Signs & Wonder is the second critically acclaimed album by Sun King Rising, the album features a collection of ten Sun King Rising southern noir stories set to music, with a cast of colorful characters, intrigue, tales of sin and redemption, murder without justice, and love without limits.

Album Review Quotes
“Signs & Wonders” is a satisfyingly psyche-cleansing experience.
Dmitry M. Epstein – DMME

He doesn’t need the approval of the establishment to be a star; honestly, he just needs to keep making music like this.
Mark Druery – Indie Shark

“Signs & Wonders” is not just about the music; it’s about the experience – the experience of being taken on a musical journey, of feeling the raw emotions, of witnessing the genius of a true artist. It’s about the journey from the first note to the last, and everything in between.
Michael Stover – Music Crowns

We recommend listening through the album from start to finish to get the perfect experience but don’t worry, it’ll be the best 42 minutes you’ll ever spend. 
Board City

There is greatness within, and anyone who enjoys Americana-style rock cannot afford to miss out on what is a true classic of the genre. Accessible from the very first note, it repays repeated plays as there is just so much breadth and depth within. Music rarely gets better than this. 
Kev Rowland – ReZonatZ

Sun King Rising Online

Steve Bonino Releases Two New Albums

Steve Bonino has got to be one of the busiest guys out there right now, with as many as four new releases under his belt this year starting with RED32 a new Progressive rock outfit as well as his return as a guest on the new Tony Romero’s Vortex album Zen and now two of his own releases. Acoustic Retrospective 2012-2022 is a true pop album, this album features 18 tracks of  Remixed, Remastered, Unreleased, and Previously self-released including his solo work and his other projects Children of The Moon, and Zabocus. 

“This release allows us to bring these songs into the PeacockSunrise family. The album closes with a sneak peek tune from the upcoming Stargazer 3 release.”

Purchase the Acoustic Retrospective 2012-2022 CD and receive a second new release Electric Retrospective 2012-2022 CD by his band The Steve Bonino Projects absolutely for Free!

That’s Two CDs for The Price of One!

The offer Expires on Christmas Day!

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Gayle Ellett & The Electromags Release Sophmore Album Friends

We are thrilled to announce the release of Friends the new album by Gayle Ellett & The Electromags. The album features twelve new tracks and 22 special guests from around the globe.

About Friends
On this, their sophomore release, the Electromags are back with a vengeance. Still based on the core group of Ellett (guitar & keyboards), Craig Kahn (drums), and Mark Cook (bass), their new album Friends features twenty-two guest musicians from around the world, including many from the Progressive Rock community.

With contributions from members of BARAKA (Japan), Minimum Vital (France), Aisles (Chile), Electric Swan (Italy), Shylock (Germany), Edhels (Monaco), California Guitar Trio (USA) and others. Said Ellett “I wanted to get all my friends together on one album, folks I’ve known since high school and college, musicians I networked within the 80s and 90’s, and friends from my hometown of Topanga, such as 5-time Grammy Award winner Alfonso Rodenas and others.


1. Viewer Discretion Advised (Featuring Ted Price)
2. The Many Moods of Morgan (Featuring Brian Chapman)
3. Via Valencia (Featuring Alfonso Rodenas) 03:46
4. It’s all San Andreas’ Fault (Featuring Marc Ceccotti & Joee Corso) 5. TransPacific Highway (Featuring Issei Takami & Shin Ichikawa)
6. Splitting Hairs (Featuring Dudley Taft)
7. Maximum Connection (Featuring Thierry Payssan & Bill Polits & Aquiles Magaña)
8. Three Parsecs from Tucson (Featuring Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney & David Udell)
9. Maria’s Lakeside Drive (Featuring Barry Cleveland)
10. Guitar City (Featuring Paul Richards)
11. Sons Of Sebastien (Featuring Lucio Calegari & German Vergara & Juan Pablo)
12. Bueno Sanga (Featuring Alvarez Ortega Bianchi & Jim Crawford) 13. 1960 Ocean Front Walk (Featuring Frederic L’Epee)

Total Running Time: 52 Minutes

The Electromags:

Gayle Ellett: lead & rhythm guitars, Minimoog, Rhodes, Hammond, mellotron
Mark Cook: bass (except tracks 3 & 5)
Craig Kahn: drums


Ted Price, Brian Chapman, Alfonso Rodenas, Marc Ceccotti, Joee Corso, Issei Takami ,Shin Ichikawa, Dudley Taft, Thierry Payssan, Bill Polits, Aquiles Magaña, Carl Weingarten, Walter Whitney, David Udell, Barry Cleveland, Paul Richards, Lucio Calegari, German Vergara, Juan Pablo, Alvarez Ortega Bianchi, Jim Crawford, and Frederic L’Epee

Additional Credits:

All music was composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Gayle Ellett Album cover photography by Carl Weingarten
Recorded between April 2022 & August 2023 in Topanga, CA., and Arlington, TX., and at numerous studios throughout the world.

Gayle Ellett & The Electromags Online

PeacockSunrise Records Online

PeacockSunrise is thrilled to announce the signing of California based Multi-Instrumentalist Steve Bonino

We couldn’t be happier with Steve Bonino joining the PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) family. Steve Bonino is well respected and established in the entertainment industry as both an Actor and Musician. We are fortunate and it is a privilege to work with Steve for these many years at Melodic Revolution Records the flagship of PSR.

Steves’s first release on PSR will be his fourth solo album “The Most Beautiful Feeling” the follow up to his critically well-received album: Progress (self-released in 2016).

The Most Beautiful Feeling is Steve’s pandemic album. Written and recorded while staying safe at home, it is a stylistic departure from much of his earlier work. Introspection and quiet reflection were the motivating factors in this very personal expression.

“The Most Beautiful Feeling” will be released in early September with pre-orders becoming available on Saturday, July 10th, 2020. All pre-order will we accompanied with a free copy of “Peace Rocks” Steves debut (2012) solo album.

Steve and Nick Katona agreed that this album and any future pop-rock albums Steve produces should be released on the PeacockSunrise Records label under the artist name Steve Bonino. This will differentiate the releases from Steve’s future progressive rock work which he will continue to be released on Melodic Revolution Records under the artist name The Steve Bonino Project.


  1. A Song For Everyone 03:45
  2. Superman (George Reeves 1914-1959) 04:32
  3. The Day The World Stopped 04:01
  4. Colors Of You 04:05
  5. Instrumental 03:23
  6. The Most Beautiful Feeling 04:52
  7. Put Out The Flame 03:55
  8. We Are Gonna Be All Right 03:25
  9. Ready to Learn 03:35
  10. Random Acts Of Kindness 04:30
  11. Why 02:18
  12. Reaper’s Call 03:32

All songs, performances, mixing, mastering, and production: Steve Bonino 
Vocal engineer for A Song For Everyone: Peter Matuchniak
Front Cover Art: Bob Lioy (Rochester, NY) 
Special thanks to Sheryl Cameron for her valuable advice listening to the album as it was being recorded and mixed.

Inside photos: El Kaye, Sheryl Cameron, Tony Romero, Brittani Keegan, and several others whose names have faded with time. 
Thank you all. 

pre-orders start 7.11.20


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