Watch The Worldwide Exclusive Video Premiere of Sun King Rising’s The Snake on ReZonatZ

The Snake is the first official music video from Delta Tales by Sun King Rising a solo project of singer/songwriter John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas. Steeped in the tradition of Americana and fueled by southern rock and country soul, his debut album Delta Tales will appear on PeacockSunrise Records in 2020.


John Blangero – Lead Vocal, George Perilli and Andy Taravella – Drum,s Jeff Bremer – Bass, Hermie Granati – Electric Piano, David Granati and Ace Acker – Guitar & Production, The Cold City Horns – Horn Section, Shawn Mayer – Background Vocals,
David Granati – Engineer

Q: John could you please tell us about the video and how it came about?

A: The Snake video has an interesting genesis. It was the idea of my producer, Ace Acker, who also brought this wonderful soul song to my attention and convinced me to cover it. He thought The Snake had thepotential for a good video so, he got his old friend—renowned Marvel Comics illustrator (creator of “Howard the Duck” and countless others), Austin resident Val Mayerik—to get involved. 

It was Val’s idea to use snake imagery as a broader metaphor rather than strictly adhering to the lyric narrative. Val brought in Christopher Cooksey to direct the film. They did a great job working together and I am very happy with the project’s artistic aspects. I especially love the campy snake animation! The most difficult thing for me was my own lip-sync performance, through which Christopher so generously guided me. I kept forgetting the lyrics and needed a prompter! I also learned a lot about sync-licensing and the legal component of that. Overall, it was a fun experience and I look forward to doing more videos in the future. I hope you enjoy it!

–John Blangero

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From the upcoming PeacockSunrise Records release, Delta Tales by Sun King Rising
Release Date: 10.2.20
Format: LP, CD and high-quality digital formats

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Its Release Day For “Remembering The Future” By Blake

We are thrilled to release the new album “Remembering The Future”, the first solo release from international recording artist BLAKE. “Remembering The Future”, is a limited edition audio cassette tape which features the singles “Color Blind” and “The Downfall“.

The full digital release will be available later this year. “Remembering The Future” has a feel-good 80s’ pop sound with a modern takegiving you the feeling that you have been transported back to a time when legends such as Human League, Tears For Fears, XTC, Talk Talk, Spandau Ballet,and OMD ruled the airwaves.


1. Greed
2. 8:45
3. Color Blind
4. You Can
5. Some Direction
6. The Downfall
7. Tears
8. Hourglass

Vocals, Keyboards, and Programming – Blake
Music and Lyrics © 1989-2020 Blake Carpenter 
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Retromatic Studios Florance, Alabama 

About “Remembering The Future”
There are many questions we ask ourselves as we get older. Have things changed? Have we made for ourselves the future we wanted when we were young? Is the world a better place? Did we make a difference? The answers, for some, are rarely what we want them to be but we continue on, hopefully still striving for that future we wanted when we were kids. 

The hard part is not letting it get you down. I use music to keep the sadness at bay but it doesn’t always work and I fall into deep holes of blackness for a while and give up only to hear the right song at the right time and get pulled back out again to strive some more.

Remembering The Future” is essentially a trip back in time, remembering my thoughts about the future. Where I wanted to be ten, fifteen, even twenty years from then. Remembering the wants and needs of every passing day from loves to come and loves had and lost, what will become of everyone’s future, and fighting for what you believe in, the divides that we have in the world, and the future of the planet. What would all this look like in the future?

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PeacockSunrise Records Releases A Two-song Extended Play Single by Sun King Rising.

ORLANDO, FL—PeacockSunrise Records has released a two-song extended play single from the upcoming album, Delta Tales by Sun King Rising.

The songs are Milkweed and Thistle and Free Will in China Blue, composed by singer-songwriter and keyboardist John Blangero. Both songs are upbeat Southern Soul rockers in the mold of early Joe Cocker and Elton John and the classic recordings of various 1970s Muscle Shoals and Memphis recording artists. They come complete with driving horn sections and female background vocal choruses. 

Drawn from the Delta Tales CD and vinyl LP, these are songs to make listeners move and groove…and think.
“My lyrics draw heavily from classic themes of sin and redemption, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, liberally sprinkled with biblical and gospel music imagery,” said Blangero. “They are evocative and mysterious while connecting with listeners on deep emotional and visceral levels.”

The b-side Free Will in China Blue is being released initially as a digital bonus track for the 10-song CD. For the LP, it replaces one of those songs, Down the Delta Road, which will serve as a digital bonus track for the LP. 

Both the CD and vinyl versions of the album are to be released on October 2nd this year.

Milkweed and Thistle 
John Blangero – Lead Vocal/Piano/Organ 
George Perilli – Drums  
Joe Macre – Bass  
Steve Schuffert – Guitar 
Hermie Granati – Keyboard orchestration & BG Vocals arrangement 
Shawn Mayer, Rozz Chapman, Kelly Connors – Background Vocals 
David Granati – Engineer 

Free Will In China Blue 
George Perilli—Drums 
Joe Macre—Bass 
Willie Ross and Ace Acker—Guitars 
Stephanie Wellons & Joy Brown—Background vocals 
Terminus Horns: Horn Section 
John Blangero—Lead vocal/Piano/Organ 
Ace Acker—Producer 
David Granati–Engineer 
Brian Foraker—Final Mix & Master 
Recorded at Maplewood Studio–Ambridge, PA

Cover art Nick Katona, Revolution Studios, Florida

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Elfin Bow – Live in the Woods – Sunday 6th September 2020

Sunday, September 6, 2020, at 2 PM – 4 PM UTC+01
Woodland Skills Centre, Bodfari, North Wales.

About The Event
As the lockdown restrictions have been eased and we are allowed to have gatherings of up to 30 people indoors/outdoors, we would like to invite you to this first “Live in the Woods” event of 2020.
We will follow the required social distancing restrictions and limit ticket sales to a maximum of 30.
In our aim to support the Arts during this difficult time all proceeds of the event will go to the artist.
Described by Shindig Magazine as, ‘lyrically astute and melodically inventive,’ Elfin Bow’s pastoral 
psych-folk holds imagery that blends her twin passions of music and art. 

A strict 1970’s church upbringing that frowned upon any kind of pop music, was the catalyst for her 
‘quiet rebellion,’ and she saved her pocket money to buy her own radios to listen to covertly under the covers. The discovery of trailblazers like PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and Bjork flung the door wide open for her to find her own voice.

Two successful crowdfunding campaigns enabled the release of her debut album, launched with a live 
session on BBC Radio Wales and a single with the Fruits de Mer Record label, recorded with the 
Scottish Session Symphony Orchestra.

In stage outfits that interpret her lyrics, Elfin invites moments of musical magic in venues big and 
small; a tin shed, living rooms, art galleries, and bookshops have been no less memorable than Theatr 
Clwyd, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, the Epstein Theatre, and the Bridgewater Hall. 
She has performed alongside folk legends, Bonnie Dobson, Robin Williamson, and Chris Wood and had 
airplay on BBC 6 Music (Gideon Coe) and BBC Radio Wales (Wynne Evans, Adam Walton.)
Elfin Bow returns to the Woodland Skills Centre for her first live gig since lockdown. It promises to be intimate, poignant, entertaining, and memorable.

Elfin Bow Online
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