PeacockSunrise Records Signs The Sun King Reborn for Debut Album.

PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) is thrilled to welcome The Sun King Reborn to its family for the release of their upcoming debut album “Delta Tales” due out in 2019.

The Sun King Reborn is the solo project of composer, vocalist, and piano player John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas (USA). The music of The Sun King Reborn is filled with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, and a powerful horn section.

The songs will fill your dreams with memories of lost loves warm nights under the magnolia trees, sweet gospel music, and all-night parties at the local honky-tonk.

Steeped deep in the tradition of southern rock, roots music and country soul, John writes songs that are influenced by such classic artists as Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, and Dan Penn, but that are colored by his own musical style.

From poignant country soul ballads to up-tempo classic rock, The Sun King Reborn provides a musical backdrop for the lives of the southern working class. The band are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to “Delta Tales.”

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Allison vonBuelow Releases Album Art & Info

Scarlet Hollow co-founder, composer, vocalist, and acoustic guitarist Allison vonBuelow, is set to release the first of four solo albums titled “Never Look Away.”

According to Allison, the 13 track album is about witnessing life as it is and not averting our eyes from the sometimes stark reality, acknowledging what is wrong and celebrating what is right, facing each challenge from a place of love and compassion that draws the listener in.

“Never Look Away” is in the final stages of Mixing and Mastering by Gregg Olson and should see an early 2019 release.

Song list: 
01. Never Look Back
02. Watercolors
03. Direction
04. 911
05. Fly
06. Color My Heart
07. Love Heals
08.Real Life
09. On The Outside
10. Mask
11. You Can Cry
12. Perfect Love
13. Julian (The Coming of You)

All acoustic guitars played by Allison except the solo on Watercolors, played by Gregg Olson
All Bass parts played by Allison vonBuelow
Drums on Perfect Love played by Jay Setar
Keyboards and synths played by Allison vonBuelow

All lyrics and music are written and arranged by Allison vonBuelow except Real Life Lyrics written by Allison and James vonBuelow Music by Allison and Color My Heart lyrics written by Richard Ordin

Mastered by Gregg Olson
Engineered by Allison vonBuelow and Gregg Olson

2019 All songs © by Allison vonBuelow Gregg Olson, James vonBuelow, and Richard Ordin.

Album cover photographed and designed by David Pearlman

Allison VonBuelow Online
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