Joe Mac’s American Garage releases the first single from upcoming album Bullet Train

Now for something completely different by Joe Mac’s American Garage and PeacockSunrise Records

We are thrilled to announce that Bullet Train is the Title of Joe Mac’s American Garage debut album due for release in 2020. We thought long and hard on how we can make this a very special release. So here’s the deal, the band has about 16 or more tracks in the can, and only 10 to 12 tracks will surface on the physical release.

What makes this release completely different than any other release we have done or anyone else for that matter?

Bullet Train will be released digitally one track at a time, and only one song per week till all the tracks have been released, these tracks will only be available on Bandcamp for this version of the release. Here is where it gets tricky, we are doing something that has never been done before.

We will be releasing a new track each week from Bullet Train, and each new track will replace the previously released track from the week before. This will be done until all the possible album tracks have been released.

This means
you will want to purchase each new track as they are released or you may miss out, not all the tracks will end up on the album, only the ones that are most popular by spins and sales or band favorites, this means anyone that has purchased all the tracks will have their own personal bonus tracks, this means each fan’s album will be unique.

We hope you will join us in the celebration of the upcoming new release Bullet Train by Joe Mac’s American Garage

The first single Diesel Locomotive is now available here.

ELFIN BOW Releases ‘Rainbows & Gallows’ EP


Artist: Elfin Bow Date of Release: 1st December 2019 (Digital Release) Release Title: Rainbows & Gallows Digital Details: Available as a digital bundle with artwork, booklet, and posters. Available from

Folk, pastoral folk, psych-folk, alternative, easy listening, pop. 

Track Listing:
1. Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van
2. Miles Away
3. Mother Said

Watch Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van now!

For her first release with PSR, Elfin Bow (Elizabeth Anne Jones) is unapologetically celebrating the strange bedfellows that are Joy and Tragedy, with three original songs that tell of great love, and the cracks that both promise, and threaten, to break that love wide open. 

Take Me Out in Your Old Bread Van (Time) 
With an accompanying video, reminiscent of full technicolor, DIY 1970’s children’s TV shows, Elfin Bow joyfully reminisces about the days when her parents used to date in an old bread van, dreaming of a large family and a rosy future. A timely launch to mark her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, this up-beat, banjo-driven song is sure to bring a wide smile with every listen. 

Miles Away (Time) 
That moment when you are right next to someone but may as well be a million miles away. Elfin Bow’s desolate piano and haunting harmonies wash wave after wave of tragical lyrics over a waltz that threatens to break your heart, unless… 

Mother Said (Time) 
Described as ‘lyrically astute’ by Shindig Magazine, wordsmith Elfin Bow, takes us on a journey from the knowing look of a newborn to the aging lines of life, long-lived, in this tale of a mother’s deep intuitive wisdom gifted to her daughter. 

Recorded at The Music Mine Studios by Peter Footitt, with production mix and mastering by Gary Lloyd, this release was produced by Gary Edward Jones and Elfin Bow. Featuring on the EP are Daniel J. Logan (percussion), Jon Fellowes (bass), Tom Kitching (fiddle, mandolin), Terry Clarke-Coyne (flute, vocals), Tracey Green (vocals) and Elfin Bow (guitar, piano, banjo, and vocals.) Cover artwork by Elfin Bow, photography by Victor Pennington and design by Tom Woollam. 

Elfin Bow has been making waves within the modern folk scene over the last year and is now releasing her debut three-track EP for PeacockSunrise Records. With songs showing her diverse musical style and wonderful storytelling ability. Her songs are wonderfully inclusive, dynamic, folky, poptastic and basically a load of fun. Just hearing her music always makes me smile, makes me feel warm inside, and somehow always makes me feel loved. No-one else exists, Elfin Bow is talking just to me, telling her stories in her own intimate way, making for a very special listening experience indeed.”
Kev Rowland, music reviewer and author of The Progressive Underground. 

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