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May appeal to fans of Hassa Fröberg and the Musical Companion, Bomber Goggles, Leap Day, and RED32


Nick called me one day with an idea for a collaborative album called ‘Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box’.
It would incorporate songs written and performed by various Melodic Revolution Records artists and would center around the myth of Pandora’s Box, hopefully, to be released as an album on MRR, but would start as individual songs being released as singles.

He had a few suggestions for the compositions:

1. That they should be in the pop genre.
2. The songs should be short. No Prog epics.
3. That the songs should be based on the Pandora’s Box myth.
4. That some songs should show how modern society and social media reflect the dark aspects of what escaped Pandora’s Box.

He generously invited me to contribute to the album. I submitted one song that he liked. I was inspired by the subject matter so I kept writing. I submitted a second, a third, and a fourth, and after the sixth submission, all of which received his thumbs up, I approached Nick with the concept of releasing a complete ‘The Steve Bonino Project’ album based on the Pandora myth to be released on MRR. He kindly agreed and so here is ‘The Steve Bonino Project’ interpretation of the Pandora’s Box myth titled ‘Pandora’.

Thank you, Nick Katona, for the inspiration