Sun King Rising’s Debut Album “Delta Tales” Turns One!

Sun King Rising‘s debut album, Delta Tales was released worldwide a year ago in multiple formates; CD, digital, and vinyl which has been delayed due to the pandemic, but is still on track for release.

About Sun King Rising?

Sun King Rising is the professional moniker of singer/songwriter/piano player John Blangero who hails from Port Isabel, TexasBlangero is steeped in the traditions of southern rock and country soul. His music, arrangements, and vocal stylings have a strong ’70s vibe reminiscent of Leon Russell and Joe Cocker, while also sounding fresh and new. Blangero’s songs are filled with memorable hooks, rocking piano, driving rhythms, a powerful horn section, and soulful female background singers a la’ Ray Charles’ Raelettes.

“I’ve been wanting to do a solo Americana/southern soul/classic rock type of album for many years,” Blangero said. “I wanted to capture some of that classic rock and soul vibe in my own songs. So, I started writing and recording solo demos of songs like Let There Be Light, Down the Delta Road, Drive Me to Nashville, In A State of Grace, and Love Turns Grey

The recording of Delta Tales was a fascinating task, spanning four months, from January 2020 to mid-May. The Coronavirus shutdown in April forced Blangero and Acker to complete the production remotely with players and singers dubbing their parts over the basic tracks in several different studios across the country. 

Said Blangero, “It was a logistical challenge, but Ace did a great job organizing the players and the sessions. I am proud of this record. We captured the magic that I’ve always heard in my head with great background singers, classic horn parts, tight rhythm sections, killer guitar, funky keys, and my own acoustic piano parts. It sounds like it could have been recorded in the early 70swhich is the vibe I was going for.”

In closing, Blangero said, “I tried to capture my southern soul on this album. I hope that the overall message it conveys is one of positivity, especially in these dark times. I think we have put together strong songs that will make people tap their feet and sing along, too! For me, the song is everything.”

Produced by Steven “Ace” Acker, formerly of notable 1970s MCA recording artists. LAW, the album is a collection of nine original songs and a 1969 R&B gem titled, “The Snake.” It was a complex production involving multiple studios and numerous top players and singers scattered throughout the country. While not a concept album, per se, “Delta Tales” is thematically coherent. It is about the southern experience. Its songs are vignettes of love found, love lost, family, faith, historical burden, betrayal, sin, and redemption set in a southern cultural landscape. Yet, they are also universal themes.​

CD TrackListing

The Snake Milkweed And Thistle 
Down The Delta Road 
In A State Of Grace Take It Down
Beneath The Southern Sun 
Evangeline In The Morning 
Love Turns Grey 
Drive Me To Nashville 
Let There Be Light 

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Critic Impressions

Sun King Rising scores in a big way with this album and admirers of Delta Tales will look forward to a future burning with promise….
– Melody Maker

“This is a stomper and a raver that’s sure to take you back even if you weren’t there in the first place. Hot stuff…”
– Midwest Record Entertainment

Delta Tales…brings such all-encompassing passion and musical vision to bear on the album’s ten cuts that it is a complete listening experience. There are no holes in this release.
– NeuFutur Magazine

Soaring progressive-rock grandeur meets deeply soulful Southern rock at the crossroads of Delta Tales.
– Elmore Magazine

It is rare indeed to be captivated by just the first few bars of a record, but I was immediately intrigued to discover something earthy and full of heart and soul….
– House of Prog

Delta Tales is full of dramatic close-ups, panoramic sweep, heart-stopping highs, and melodies unfolding as natural as breathing…
Hollywood Digest

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Love is in the air… and I’m launching something brand new!

Happy Valentine’s day, dear heart! 

You are loved just for being here on this planet, but especially in this space that I share with you. Thank you for being right here and reading this today.

The launch of my live album went spectacularly well, with all the clear lathe-cut vinyls selling out in the first hour and then the black vinyls. By the end of the first day, there were only 12 CD’s left. If you haven’t bagged your copy, you might still be lucky if you click HERE.

I told you this year was going to be a busy one… and it is!

Today, I am very excited to share with you a very special space I have been crafting on Patreon. It’s the new frontier of crowdfunding, the future of sustainable creativity and a way to give back to regular fans in a most meaningful way. 

As a reward for just visiting my site, to see how it works and what is on offer, I have shared a link over there to a never-yet-seen-or-heard new song and video. Well, you might have heard me play it live a couple of times, but this is an amazing collaboration and one of my first forays in making a music video.
Watch it here

This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter in my career. And I invite you to be a part of it. 

Be my valentine… and I’ll be yours….

Much love and respect always, 
Elfin Bow xx

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We are Thrilled that “Free Will in China Blue” by Sun King Rising Premiered Exclusively on ReZonatZ Today!

Single Artwork

The song is the first single from Sun King Rising’s debut album, “Delta Tales.” Written John Blangero (aka Sun King Rising), as a bonus track, it quickly became a fan favorite around the world. While CD buyers will receive an HQ download of the song, it will appear on the vinyl version, now in production.

The video was produced and directed by Hilton Head, SC filmmakers, Cyndee Kaule and Eddie Anthony, the video is an artful, allegorical depiction of the song’s story.

“We tried to capture the emotional essence of this heartfelt song,” said Kaule.

Kaule brought Anthony a well-established director to create and collaborate on the project. The result is a sexy fable and a visual feast. “Not only does Eddie direct,” Kaule explained, “he also plays the singer/composer in the film.”Anthony said, “To play an incredible artist like John Blangero is an honor and privilege.” The shoot became a family affair, with Kaule playing “China Blue,” and Anthony’s daughter, Hadley Galaviz, serving as cinematographer.

Click on image to watch

FREE WILL IN CHINA BLUE (Digital Only Bonus Track) 
(John Blangero/Reborn Pelican Songs/BMI) 

John Blangero—Lead vocal/Piano/Organ 
George Perilli—Drums 
Joe Macre—Bass 
Willie Ross and 
Ace Acker—Guitars 
Stephanie Wellons & Joy Brown—Background vocals 
Terminus Horns: Horn Section 

Bonus track from the exciting new PeacockSunrise Records release, Delta Tales by Sun King Rising 
Release Date: 10.2.20 Format: LP, CD, and high-quality digital formats 

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Elfin Bow’s January Jack-a-nory

Hello dearest friends,

To bring a little sparkle to the dark nights of January, and to help me to start fundraising for my next studio album, I will be reading fairytales, folk tales, and legends every night for 31 Days.

‘Jackanory’ is the cockney rhyming slang for ‘story’ and of course the name of the much-loved BBC children’s TV series – a staple of my early childhood.

From my homely story-corner, these tales will help us to acknowledge the dark side of life, whilst receiving the wisdom, magic, and sense of adventure passed on for generations by those who have walked this path before.

And you can get involved!!! Here’s how…

1. Suggest your favorite tales you would like me to tell…
2. Donate by ‘buying me a coffee’ at
3. Commission your own bespoke illustration of any tale for just £100! Send me a PM or email [email protected] – you never know, we might even get to make another book!

Like my 31 Days of Drawing project, I am expecting this to be a profound adventure that we can embark on together. This is just the first of many fundraising efforts this year to create my next album, which I want to be my very best work. All proceeds from buy me a coffee and commissions, will go towards the creative community that will be involved in making my album happen, including musicians, engineers, mixing, mastering, art, and design and manufacture.

We’ve done it twice before, and we will do it again! Thank you for being such an important part of my creative life and I look forward to connecting with you this month. Love and respect always,
Elfin xx

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