Don Mularz is back with Hard Times the 5th teaser and the final track from Side 1 of the upcoming album Florida Street

The track features

Don Mularz on Acoustic guitar and vocals

Beth Cohen on Harmony vocal

Don envisioned this track as something that Neil Young and Nicollet Larson would have done on the album Comes A Time.

Personally I think its a stunning track with great harmonies as Beth and Don complement one another.

Don’t forget to check out some of Don’s other work with Dark Horse Flyer and Split Decision

Beth Cohen is known for her work with Boston and formerly of Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Pink, and others

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Solo Discography 

Don Mularz – Florida Street (2023) PeacockSunrise Records – CD, LP, & Digital
Don Mularz – Buddha On My Christmas Tree – Spirit of December 7, Songs of Peace Love & Hope (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital

Dark Horse Flyer Discography 

Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box – Soldier’s Song – featuring Dark Horse Flyer (2022) Digital
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Split Decision Discography

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