This is the last song I wrote for this album. I think the opening lines “Is this some Cosmic joke, another year’s gone up in smoke, the days like pages torn out of a book” sum up the shared experience of most of us during the pandemic. It’s only human to stumble and fall, but also human to pick ourselves up and keep walking. I do.


Don Mularz – Florida Street (2023) PeacockSunrise Records – CD, LP, & Digital
Don Mularz – Buddha On My Christmas Tree – Spirit of December 7, Songs of Peace Love & Hope (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital

Dark Horse Flyer Discography 

Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box – Soldier’s Song – featuring Dark Horse Flyer (2022) Digital
Dark Horse Flyer – Hotel Paradise (2016) Florida Street Records – CD, LP, & Digital
Dark Horse Flyer – Breakaway (2015) Florida Street Records – CD, LP, & Digital

Split Decision Discography

Split Decision – Radio Hearts (1992) Blue Water Records – Cassette, CD, & Digital
Split Decision – Borderline & Mission Blues (1992) Blue Water Records – 7″ single

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