What can you give someone who has everything?

And by ‘everything,’ I don’t mean material possessions, money or a big house.

My parents, David and Judith, celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary today. Fifty years of sticking together through thick and thin, through good times and bad. And they have everything that I consider to be the important stuff; huge hearts, gratitude, humbleness, a giving attitude, unconditional love for their family and friends and the wisdom to work through whatever life throws at them. 

Holed up at home for the foreseeable future, we can’t celebrate this important milestone in the way we intended. But last autumn, we made a music video together. Unusual, I know! I don’t know many musicians who have done this but my song, Take me out in Your Old Bread Van, was written about their relationship. 

When they were courting, many moons ago, my dad used to take my mum out in his old bread van, with a rocking chair for a passenger seat. It must have been a rocky ride for sure – but he knew how to show her a good time. 

They also got married on April Fool’s day – before Midday. I love their complete lack of superstition. And it was certainly no prank as here we are, 50 years later, celebrating their love with a burst of color, love and lots of happiness. 

I invite you to join with me today, in celebrating not only their lasting love but the love we can share with everyone who is precious to us at this time. 

Who is special in your life? Write back and tell me something you love about them. Let’s fill our thoughts, conversations, and actions with L O V E today!

Much love and respect always, 
Elfin Bow xx

Watch the “Take Me Out In Your Old Bread Van” Video


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