We couldn’t be happier with Steve Bonino joining the PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) family. Steve Bonino is well respected and established in the entertainment industry as both an Actor and Musician. We are fortunate and it is a privilege to work with Steve for these many years at Melodic Revolution Records the flagship of PSR.

Steves’s first release on PSR will be his fourth solo album “The Most Beautiful Feeling” the follow up to his critically well-received album: Progress (self-released in 2016).

The Most Beautiful Feeling is Steve’s pandemic album. Written and recorded while staying safe at home, it is a stylistic departure from much of his earlier work. Introspection and quiet reflection were the motivating factors in this very personal expression.

“The Most Beautiful Feeling” will be released in early September with pre-orders becoming available on Saturday, July 10th, 2020. All pre-order will we accompanied with a free copy of “Peace Rocks” Steves debut (2012) solo album.

Steve and Nick Katona agreed that this album and any future pop-rock albums Steve produces should be released on the PeacockSunrise Records label under the artist name Steve Bonino. This will differentiate the releases from Steve’s future progressive rock work which he will continue to be released on Melodic Revolution Records under the artist name The Steve Bonino Project.


  1. A Song For Everyone 03:45
  2. Superman (George Reeves 1914-1959) 04:32
  3. The Day The World Stopped 04:01
  4. Colors Of You 04:05
  5. Instrumental 03:23
  6. The Most Beautiful Feeling 04:52
  7. Put Out The Flame 03:55
  8. We Are Gonna Be All Right 03:25
  9. Ready to Learn 03:35
  10. Random Acts Of Kindness 04:30
  11. Why 02:18
  12. Reaper’s Call 03:32

All songs, performances, mixing, mastering, and production: Steve Bonino 
Vocal engineer for A Song For Everyone: Peter Matuchniak
Front Cover Art: Bob Lioy (Rochester, NY) 
Special thanks to Sheryl Cameron for her valuable advice listening to the album as it was being recorded and mixed.

Inside photos: El Kaye, Sheryl Cameron, Tony Romero, Brittani Keegan, and several others whose names have faded with time. 
Thank you all. 

pre-orders start 7.11.20


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