We are thrilled to unveil our very first PeacockSunrise Records recording (various) artist sampler called WATERCOLORS, aptly named for the vivid picture each track paints on this release. Featuring 3 upcoming and never before released gems plus 6 previously released popular tracks. The album is free of charge for a limited time. Just ad a 0 for $value at check out.

1. Steve Bonino – Fuchsia Heaven 06:15
2. Allison vonBuelow – Perfect Love 03:47
3. Blake Carpenter – All I Am Asking 05:07
4. Sheverb – Puttamulettonit 03:40
5. Andy John Bradford – The Spider And The Fly 05:40
6. Gayle Ellett & The Electromags – The Many Moods of Morgan (Featuring Brian Chapman) 05:03
7. Don Mularz – Twenty One 04:37
8. Elfin Bow – Mother Said 03:19
9. Sun King Rising – Anchorless 05:48

With that said…on behalf of myself and all our artists we hope you enjoy this release.
Cheers Nick

“music you didn’t know you would love”

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