Allison VonBuelow

The Voice, Multi-instrumentalist, and Founding Member of Scarlet Hollow

I have been playing around the Los Angeles area for years, by myself as an acoustic artist, and with various bands that are Rock, Jazz Rock, or Progressive rock in orientation.

My influences are mostly songwriters like David Crosby, Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett, Shawn Colvin, and Joni Mitchell.

Other Influences would be from the harder, more progressive side of the rock world that would include bands like Heart, Tool or Porcupine Tree.

I’m also very much inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Mingus……. Artists that write to move their audiences to think, and feel deeply. I love musicians that write songs that are free to be expanded to express larger concepts and unique arrangements.

I am embarking on a four record project now that will include a lifetime of musical exploration. Bands from my past like Avenue B, The Mainland Dancer Band, and Triptique were a musical education that have lead me towards more current projects like my own acoustic work, and band projects like Echoes Landing and Scarlet Hollow.

Band Members

Allison VonBuelow: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths


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Discography – Projects & Releases

Allison VonBuelow – Debut Album – Never Look Away (2019) CD & Digital
Scarlet Hollow – A Window to October (2019) CD & Digital Album
Mark Bryson – Riot on Sunset – (2018) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – I Am Divided (2017) FREE Digital Single 
Scarlet Hollow – What If Never Was (2012) CD & Digital Album
Scarlet Hollow – Sanctuary – Remaster(2010) Digital EP
Echoes Landing – Closer to You (2006) CD & Digital

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Andy John Bradford

Short Bio

Andy John Bradford is an award-winning singer/songwriter and an actor from the North East in England. Born in 1964 in Middlesbrough, as it turns out on the very same street as the legendary Chris Rea his family moved around a lot around the country as his father was a captain in the Church Army.  His father left the Church Army and they moved to Nottingham when his dad trained to become a teacher whilst at the same time working as a milkman in order to keep a roof over his families head.  After qualifying as a teacher the family once again moved, this time to the West Yorkshire town of Bradford.  At this point, it was 1972 and was to be the home where the family finally settled and Andy grew up.  It was Bradford where his appreciation for music came about also.  His father was a big music fan, though more on the classical side and jazz it was the start of the 70s and a new style of music was about to fill Andy’s ears.  Glam Rock was born and he found Rock music.  

In 1974 Andy started at Daisy Hill Middle School and it was here where he found an interest in Guitar, thanks to his main mentor at this point Mr. Mac.  A teacher at the school and a folk singer when he wasn’t at school.  He taught Andy and his best friend who funny enough was also called Andy how to play the guitar.  Andy took to this instrument quite well, enough for his mum to take the plunge and buy a more expensive guitar.  The year was 1976 and the guitar was a Jumbo EKO Ranger steel-string folk guitar.  It had a beautiful tone and Andy started to experiment with it and come up with his own tunes with it.  It was here where he started to write his own music and his first song which turned out to be terrible was born.  Called “Where is she”, it soon made the order of the scrap heap.  However that same year after a boatload of dross, a real song came out of it named “Sitting Ducks” This was actually quite good and was put forward to the Schools songwriting competition where it won Andy a Songwriting merit award.  Andy continued to write right through school and after leaving school sadly put the guitar down for a while as real life stepped in. However, the writing bug remained but it wasn’t until the late 80s that it started to take over again.  By 1996, Andy had written quite a few and with help from his new songwriting partner Martin Dawson, they managed to record an album.  The Album named “The Sentinel” was a take on the ever-changing landscape of the Yorkshire they had both grown up in and managed to get them a Folk Award for Best Local Album.  That same year they appeared at the Whitby Folk Festival and the song Hero, which was written a year before won Andy Best Folk Song.  As a duo, the pair also got the award for the best liver-stage act under the name of “Highway”   4 years on the trot on the Northern Club Circuit… Each time they won they won a carriage clock and each clock had their name stamped on brass on the back of the clock and each clock had the name of the pair spelled wrong in 4 different ways!!! 

2001 After moving again, this time to Northern Ireland, Andy continued to write and perform as a solo artist around the Northern Irish Circuit and in this time he wrote the award-winning song “Northern Rose” Dedicated to his new bride Donna, and the song “When Hearts are Broken” and the heartbreaking song “Daddy’s Girl” dedicated to his daughter to his first marriage who now is very much once again a big part of his life.  In 2011 Andy started talking with other musicians around the world and got together an array of really fine talent including the late Colin Tench (In Sweden), Marco Chiapini in Italy, Stef Flaming (In Belgium), Victor Tassone (In New York) and Andres Guitzalli (In Argentina) Together they formed the international collaboration, Andy John Bradford’s Oceans 5.  They started to write and produce a new album where different styles attempted to blend, Andy being a folk musician and Colin being a Prog musician the rest having their own very unique styles but all working very well to produce an album which grew into “The Return To Mingulay” giving the band a good following around the world and world critical acclaim, placing the album amongst some as one of the most important albums ever written. An achievement that did not make any of the big egos in the band gets even more big-headed at all.  

Sadly after the passing of Colin Tench, the rest of the band lost a bit of the heart and nothing else was written, however, they are all still talking together and new members are reputed to have been brought in to make a new supergroup.  All that can be said at this point is “Watch this space”  As a solo artist, Andy is still writing and his new single “The Gold Watch” A view once again on the changing view of the landscape through another person’s eyes, this time through the eyes of a road sweep.  This is one of the songs that are going onto the new album “The Visit” set for release at the end of the year. It’s an album taking another look at old songs that Andy has written over the years, including some of those ones that never even got heard.  He’ll be putting new life back into them and will also be revisiting an old Christmas song which will have a new feel to it and an addition of a choir. Bother Single and future releases are set to be released on Peacock Sunrise Records.  Watch this space.



Andy John Bradford
The Visit (2022) PeacockSunrise Records
The Elder Statesmen (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Come in Number 9 – Single (2017) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
An Irish Lass – Single (2015) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Superman Where Are You? – Single (2014) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only

Andy John Bradford Oceans5
The Return to Mingulay (2013) Melodic Revolution Records – CD & Digital
The Mingulay Boat Song – Single (2013) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Empty Hands – Single (2013) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
6000 Friends – Single (2013) Melodic Revolution Records – Digital Only
Join The Dance (2008) Self-released Digital Only


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Elfin Bow


Elfin Bow’s music has been described as a fairy tale experience; pastoral psych-folk, deeply rooted in the life and nature that surrounds her. Her self-penned songs and stories weave a tapestry that combines mysterious characters, myths, and legends, with the heartache and adventure of real life. With imagery that blends her twin passions of music and art, her songs and stage presence exude color, charisma and a gentle charm. 

Her self-titled debut album was released with a live session on BBC Radio Wales and a spectacular sold-out launch in the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool. Elfin Bow has been described by Shindig Magazine as, ‘lyrically astute and melodically inventive,’ and by Fatea Magazine as ‘a rising star of the modern folk world.’

If music is a journey of discovery to be savored and enjoyed, then Elfin Bow is carving out her own exciting and unique path and loving every moment. With sounds reminiscent of Sandy Denny, Kate Bush and even the odd reminiscence of Pink Floyd, she loves to pen her own songs as well as collecting jewels from the musical history books to reinterpret in her own way, playing guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, and piano.

Elfin grew up in a strict Baptist family and was not allowed to listen to contemporary music. Early influences were 1970’s Sunday school songs and the family folk group, The Beukemas, singing three-part harmonies with her sisters and improvising violin harmonies with the church band. With her classical training on the piano, it was the romantic Arias by Sterndale Bennett and the well-known themes of Mozart, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky that gave her a grounding in subtle emotion and poignant melodies. Her musical horizons widened further as she discovered Tori Amos, Bjork, and PJ Harvey, artists whose rebellious spirit touched a nerve and empowered Elfin Bow to develop her lyrics, individual songwriting style, and artistic direction.

At Art school, she developed a respect for the writings of Allan Kaprow and the ‘happenings’ of the 1960s, where art began to imitate life. Boundaries were blurred between art, music and performance and Elfin began to use multi-disciplinary methods to express her ideas. More recently, it was the writings of Elle Luna, Brene Brown and Tara Mohr that helped Elfin to confidently launch her career as a professional artist and musician.

Since bravely leaping off the musical cliff, Elfin has encountered many serendipitous moments that has only added fuel to her belief that she made the right decision to follow her dreams. She has sung harmonies with folk legend, Bonnie Dobson, (Recently inaugurated into the Canadian Hall of Fame) and supported many artists of note including Robin Williamson (The Incredible String Band) Bronwynne Brent and Chris Wood, and had airplay on BBC 6 Music (Gideon Coe) and BBC Radio Wales (Wynne Evans, Adam Walton.)  She is well supported by BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Shropshire and many local and internet radio stations including Blues and Roots Radio, Dublin City FM, and Radio Caroline where her self-produced debut album reached number 5 in the Album Countdown Chart.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Elfin Bow completed her self-titled and self-produced debut album, which features fiddle by Tom Kitching and banjo by Jamie Francis. Also appearing are Oscar South on bass and digital performance technology, traditional Sakha vocalizations of nature sounds by Saydyko Fedorova, vocal harmonies and flute by her sister Victoria Wasley and Muireann McDermott Long and percussion by Daniel J. Logan. Her collection of twelve original songs were recorded at Hound Dog Studios, Liverpool, by Allan Crookes, mixed and mastered by Gary Lloyd and produced by herself and Gary Edward Jones. Elfin Bow released her album with a live session on BBC Radio Wales and has since has launched her album in both The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool and Theatr Clwyd, Mold; both distinctive events that included storytelling, art installations, public art workshops, dance a and multi-media experience. 

With the further backing of her growing fan base, she released a double a-side vinyl single with Fruits de Mer Records, featuring her version of a classic Sandy Denny song, Who Knows Where the Time Goes and her own song, The Wisdom. Both songs have strings composed by Gary Lloyd, recorded with The Scottish Session Orchestra at The New Auditorium in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall and mixed by Grammy Award-winner, Khobus Frick.

This autumn, on signing to Peacock Sunrise Records, she will release an EP, Rainbows, and Gallows, before work starts in earnest on her follow-up second album, in the spring.

Interesting Facts

Elfin Bow has been described as a ‘juggernaut’ of passion, energy, and drive – an essential quality for any modern musician – and whilst her presence may be gentle, she isn’t launching her music on the world with anything other than a loud, and very artistic, roar.


Elfin Bow – Rainbows & Gallows (2019) PeacockSunrise Records
Elfin Bow & Gary Lloyd ‎– Who Knows Where The Time Goes 7″ single (2018) Fruits de Mer Records
Elfin Bow – Live in Concert at the Epstein Theatre (2017) Self Released
Elfin Bow ‎– Elfin Bow (2016) Self Released

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Folk, pastoral folk, psych-folk, alternative, easy listening, pop. 

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Gayle Ellett & The Electromags

Band Bio

Gayle Ellett (Guitar & Keyboards):
Gayle has been playing guitar for more than 45 years, he started playing back in 1973. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed on over 120 albums, scored music for numerous feature films and 60 different TV series worldwide, and currently plays in 9 bands. One of these bands is Djam Karet, a Progressive Rock group formed in the 1980s that has released 20 albums so far. When he’s not busy recording in the studio, he can often be found wandering the mountain trails near his home in Topanga, California.

Craig Kahn (Drums):
Besides playing in The Electromags, Craig is recording drums for the next Kelp Dwellers album, a Surf band he is in with Gayle Ellett and their friend Todd Montgomery (Fernwood). Craig is also involved with a band consisting mostly of pediatric cardiology doctors from around the world, the BBSC, who donate all proceeds from album sales to pediatric health care. Craig spends his free time running in the mountains surrounding his home in Topanga, California.

Mark Cook (Bass):
Mark is a multi-instrumentalist based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has recorded and performed with the progressive rock bands Herd of Instinct and Spoke of Shadows, the psychedelic crew Liquid Sound Company, and the art-pop/downtempo unit Nocturne Blue. When not chained to the recording console, Mark spends time wrangling his dogs.


Shiny Side Up (2022) CD & Digital


Gayle Ellett: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Hammond B-3 Organ, Rhodes Electric Piano
Craig Kahn: Drums & Percussion
Mark Cook: Bass

Style of Music

Instrumental hard-rocking guitar music with a 1970’s vibe.

Gayle Ellett & The Electromags Online



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PeacockSunrise Records
1065 E State Rd 434 
Winter Springs, FL 32708
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Short Bio

Sheverb is an all-Ladies, collectively run psychedelic desert rock band based in Austin, TX. Out to challenge the masculine mythology of the romanticized old west, they blend the guitar twang of spaghetti westerns, the driving rhythms of krautrock and the confident swagger of blues.

Band Members

Betty Benedeadly – Guitar, railroad spikes
Xina Ocasio – Drums, wooden frog
Lainey Smith – Bass
James Ruthless Mescall – Trumpet, flute, percussion
Braden Guess -Guitar, synth, fishbone

Former Memeber
Fern Rojas – Guitar 

Interesting Facts

Everyone in the band identifies as a lady.
The band is multi-generational, spanning an age range of 25 years.
The band is 50% Latinx and 50% Gringa.


Once Upon a Time in Bombay Beach (2020) TBA
Putamulletonit b​/​w Nowhere Wolf (2019) 7″ Single – PeacockSunrise Records
Chapter One (2018) CD & Digital – Independent Release


Press Mentions

Sheverb’s smokey, Mexican-inspired Southern rock sound is plucked straight from a Robert Rodriguez film”
– The Austinot

“Morricone meets Roky Erickson. Such a great genre blend.”  
– Andrew James, Austininte & music enthusiast

“Link Wray for stoners”
 – Billie Buck, Austin musician & artist

“Lynchian noir-surf-psyche” 
– Logan Thompson, Austin writer

“Sheverb recreates and feminizes the idea of manifest destiny with their whip-smart western hooks and licks.” 
– Jenny Parrott, Austin musician

“Sheverb’s smoldering sound matches Texas heat in a big way”
The Austinot

20 Essential Albums of 2018
Power of Prog

“So worth lending an ear to”

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2019 Spring Tour Highlights