ORLANDO, FL—PeacockSunrise Records has released a two-song extended play single from the upcoming album, Delta Tales by Sun King Rising.

The songs are Milkweed and Thistle and Free Will in China Blue, composed by singer-songwriter and keyboardist John Blangero. Both songs are upbeat Southern Soul rockers in the mold of early Joe Cocker and Elton John and the classic recordings of various 1970s Muscle Shoals and Memphis recording artists. They come complete with driving horn sections and female background vocal choruses. 

Drawn from the Delta Tales CD and vinyl LP, these are songs to make listeners move and groove…and think.
“My lyrics draw heavily from classic themes of sin and redemption, love and loss, triumph and tragedy, liberally sprinkled with biblical and gospel music imagery,” said Blangero. “They are evocative and mysterious while connecting with listeners on deep emotional and visceral levels.”

The b-side Free Will in China Blue is being released initially as a digital bonus track for the 10-song CD. For the LP, it replaces one of those songs, Down the Delta Road, which will serve as a digital bonus track for the LP. 

Both the CD and vinyl versions of the album are to be released on October 2nd this year.

Milkweed and Thistle 
John Blangero – Lead Vocal/Piano/Organ 
George Perilli – Drums  
Joe Macre – Bass  
Steve Schuffert – Guitar 
Hermie Granati – Keyboard orchestration & BG Vocals arrangement 
Shawn Mayer, Rozz Chapman, Kelly Connors – Background Vocals 
David Granati – Engineer 

Free Will In China Blue 
George Perilli—Drums 
Joe Macre—Bass 
Willie Ross and Ace Acker—Guitars 
Stephanie Wellons & Joy Brown—Background vocals 
Terminus Horns: Horn Section 
John Blangero—Lead vocal/Piano/Organ 
Ace Acker—Producer 
David Granati–Engineer 
Brian Foraker—Final Mix & Master 
Recorded at Maplewood Studio–Ambridge, PA

Cover art Nick Katona, Revolution Studios, Florida

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