Hi to all! As we enter the new year, I’d like to express my appreciation to you—my friends, fans, and supporters—for our big year in 2022. My debut album, Delta Tales, continued to do well throughout the year. The single, Free Will in China Blue (intended initially as a digital bonus track for Delta Tales) did so well that the record company released a second, enhanced version of the CD to accommodate it.

The big news in 2022 was that we released the album Signs & Wonders in October. In this brief time, it has been graced with love from fans and garnered massive critical acclaim in the media. To celebrate its impending release, we staged a fabulous launch party in my hometown of New Castle, PA. Ace and I discussed the songs in front of friends and supporters.

The new single, No. 6 Magnolia Avenue, has been doing well. Our two videos, directed by Dante Ludovici, for the songs Free Will In China Blue and No. 6 Magnolia Avenue, have been honored with multiple nominations and awards from film festivals around the world.

Digital streaming of SKR is getting stronger and stronger. SKR songs have more than one million total streams across platforms, with most (approximately 940,000) on Spotify. This has all been made possible by you!

The coming year promises to be one of progress for SKR. We will be promoting Signs & Wonders heavily. We are planning live performances of various types. We are developing a music video for the next single, One More Story to Tell. Of course, I am also busy writing new songs for a future SKR release. My SKR team is a devoted, hard-working lot who encourage me to continue making music we hope the fans will love.

John Blangero, New Year’s Eve, 2022

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