I Thought I’d put something up a little different. Here is a rough song demo called Lonely Road that didn’t make the cut for my Delta Tales album back in 2020. It didn’t pass the Ace test! But here is a little glimpse of how the sausage gets made and how sometimes it ends up on the floor!
– Sun King Rising


Signs & Wonder (2022) CD, Digital & Streaming
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Delta Tales (2020) CD, Digital & Streaming


It Must Be Christmas ~ Single (20212) Digital & Streaming
Number. 6 Magnolia Ave ~ Single (2021) Digital & Streaming
Down The Delta Road ~ Single (2021) Digital & Streaming
Free Will In China Blue ~ Single (2021) Digital & Streaming
Milkweed and Thistle ~ Single (2020) Digital& Streaming


PROG PRESENTS: Ripples In Time, Before Then Was Now! (2022) Digital Album
Sands of Time: A Music Revolution 2006​/​2021 (2021) Digital Album
A Year In The Revolution (2020) Digital Album

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